Red Brick Fox (portrait)

Bundle of 5 Cards (choose 5 from 15 photos)

Card Details:


  • There are 15 photos to choose from.  Choose any 5!

  • Card selection is in order of how photos appear 

  • Click on each photo to view upclose (some are portrait, some are landscape - choose carefully)

  • Bundle of 5, 4X6 photos attached to 5X7 folded cards with blank message inside

  • 5 Envelopes included

  • Individually wrapped
  • Cards may take up to 2 weeks to be delivered

  • $15 per bundle of 5, must be paid in full before order is placed

  • FREE delivery in Guelph (Shipping extra outside of Guelph)

  • If you'd like another bundle of 5, please complete a separate order. However, if you want the same 5 cards, choose your quantity at checkout.