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Prices are in CAD dollars; and shipping costs outside of Guelph, ON are additional.  The quoted price and/or availability of a photograph is subject to change without prior notification. 

Prices are finalized only upon a formal commitment to purchase.  A confirmation of purchase will be emailed to the buyer.  All print orders require payment in full by E-Transfer to, at the time an order is placed, print fulfillment will be scheduled at that time. 


Printing is done to order, and orders are normally delivered in Guelph within 15 days, depending on the print sizes ordered. Special order delivery timing by quotation.  Shipping outside of Guelph will incur additional shipping costs and could take up to 4-6 weeks to prepare and ship.  


All prints are inspected by Picturesque Vic prior to delivery to ensure the print meets the highest quality standard and that there is no damage to the print.  If however, you receive the print and are not satisfied with your purchase and choose to return it, we will issue a refund (minus shipping and handling costs), except in the case of special orders which are non-refundable.  

A refund is subject to the following terms, conditions & exceptions:

  • If a buyer has selected and purchased an incorrect photo, the buyer must notify Picturesque Vic, before receiving the “incorrect” print.  If the buyer does not do this, no refund will be returned to the buyer.

  • The buyer must contact Picturesque Vic within 3 days of their intent to return the photographic print, and to receive return authorization and instructions.

  • This money back guarantee requires that the photograph is returned in its original packaging in the original condition.

  • Money will not be refunded until the photographic print has been returned without damage and within 30 days of it's original ship date.

If a print is returned to Picturesque Vic damaged, Picturesque Vic reserves the right to return without refund. If we decide to take this action, we will contact the buyer to discuss the options. The buyer is responsible for assuring the print is returned to us on the time schedule above. 


Any refund to the buyer will be in the same form as used for the original purchase.

We reserve the right to retract this offer unilaterally for any individual or organization at anytime for any reason.


Due to the custom pre-designed nature of these services, there are no refunds on any design order. Albums ordered are considered a custom product and therefore there are no refunds on any album orders. Flush Mount and Coffee Table Books are made to order and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Picturesque Vic does, of course guarantee that the prints you receive meet the highest standards in every respect before orders are placed.  All prints are inspected prior to delivery to ensure this standard is met and that there is no damage to the print.  All photos are taken with a high quality DSLR camera.  

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